Future Fonts
Hyper Text Type Specimin

“During the pandemic I started watching beauty and makeup tutorials and following a lot of makeup artist Instagram. Though I don’t wear much makeup, I am a huge admirer of the work makeup artists and beauty-grammers create! It’s an art in itself and a lot of the colors and contouring reminds me of how I work with digital illustration. Beauty and cosmetic ads from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s—particularly the Shiseido campaigns by Serge Lutens—have been a huge inspiration for this project. I love how cosmetics can exaggerate the face and create ethereal, other-worldly masks, so the theme HyperGlam is centered around an imaginary intergalactic beauty magazine from another galaxy. The text and illustrations borrow from the hyperbolic style of magazine cover texts; how they often shout abstract commands and phrases at the viewer. I had a fun time coming up with words related to the intergalactic beauty theme and tried to find words that were enhanced by the features of the typefaces I was given.”

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